404-error pages (Not found)

404-error pages (Not found)

Whenever you visit a web page on the Internet, your computer (the client), will request data from a server, through the HTTP protocol. This happens even before the page that has been requested, is displayed in the browser. (more…)

500 Internal server Error

500 Internal Server Error

A 500 Internal Server Error is a general notification stating that an error has occurred on the website if the server you are trying to reach is unable to perform the action that you are requesting. (more…)

406 Not Acceptable

406 Not Acceptable

When a browser makes a request for data from a server, the server returns an “Accept header” to the browser that made the request. The browser will respond to the request, stating the formats in which it is able to accept data. (more…)

410 Gone

410 gone

A 4xx status code means that it is likely that a request error has prevented the server from correctly processing the request.

Specifically, a 410 error code means that the page does not exist. The error code is displayed when content has previously been located at the specific address that has been requested, but is no longer there. (more…)

408 Request Timeout Error

408 request timeout error

A 408 Request Timeout error message is a HTTP status code that appears if the browser is experiencing longer waiting times than expected. The home page you are trying to visit will time out, because the connection to the browser was updating too slowly for the server making the request. (more…)