Secure your website from threats & re-establish lost values

Scanning tool for identifying and eliminating threats and re-etstablish great hidden values on your website

Commercial websites are threatened

Commercial websites are constantly threatend by siege and attacks from shadow players in an increasingly more global industry. Unfortunately there are many ways to ruin the visibility of websites on search engines, corrupt the content and bankrupt the profitmargins on e-commerce.

  • Black-Hat SEO is at rise and threatens the online visibility of commercial websites
    Links from; Link-farms, sites which Google, Bing etc has banned and sites with controversial content can have extremly negative effects on your website.
    Black-Hat SEO can easily and undetected be brought down on your website and serverly harm your online business.
    Attackers can initiate Black-Hat SEO from all over the world at a low cost and the risk of any legal prosecution is close to zero.
  • Webpage Hijacking is in the tool box of international hackers
    Hackers identifies weakly protected programs and plugins on your website in order to manipulate skins, codes, tekst and links. The evil idea behind
    webpage hijacking is besides to harm your business and the website visibility on search engines, to potentially steel personal data from your customers and utilize theese data in matters of fraud and theft.
  • HTTPS is the first line of defense
    The HTTPS protocol secures the communication between the website and its users. A website is dynamic and subpages is constantly removed and added.
    There will be a security breach if the HTTPS protocol is not applied to all webpages.

SecureValueSearch™ is a scanning tool that identifies and eliminates theese threats

Commercial websites has hidden values

Commercial websites are constantly addapting new designs, functions and offerings to meet ever changing markets, technical and legal requirements. Furthermore are campaigns, texts, pictures, subpages and links on a daily basis redmoved and added to the website – Great values are lost in this highly dynamic process.

  • Broken Incoming Links is a hidden goldmine
    Incoming links are extremely valuable as the sum and quality of theese links determines the visibility of a website on search engines. The more links, the
    higher the visibility on organic search results on Google, Bing etc. will be. Orcanic and relevant traffic is pure gold to a commercial website.
    All content on websites can without notification recieve relevant incoming links from quality websites all over the world – Its crucial to detect and redirect
    such incoming links to a live and relevant destination when webpages and content are removed or placed under a new url.
  • Broken Outgoing Links kills the user-experience and functionality of a website
    Search engines are like your customers. They hate clicking on a link that produces af 404 or 50x ”Page can not be found”. The more Broken Outgoing Links a search engine finds, the greater the fall in search results will be. The more Broken Outgoing Links your customers click upon, the more dissatisfied will they become with your Brand – Detecting Broken Outgoing Links and replace them with a functional link will increase user experience and placings in search engine results.
  • Redirect Loops must be kept at a minimum
    As days and years goes by many websites accumulates Redirect Loops which reduces the visibility of the website on search engines. A Redirect Loop is typical generated when old content is redirected more than once. Mutiple redirects to specific content will slow the website loadtime and reduce the positive effects of Incoming Links – Detecting Redirect Loops and redirect looped content to relevant offerings on your webpage is of high value.

SecureValueSearch™ is a scanning tool that identifies and eliminates theese threats

Eliminate threats and re-establish lost values

SecureValueSearchTM (SVS) is a scanning tool that identifies and eliminates potential threats and ongoing attacks. Furhertmore the search tool re-establishes hidden and lost values on your website – We scan the whole world!

  • Monthly reports are detailed, transparent and easy to take action upon
    Monthly scans catches and eliminates threats as they occur. Each month customers recives an excutuve summary of the latest scan and is provided with a
    detailed and transparent spread sheets which incluedes all necessesary data to eliminate documented threats and re-establish hidden and lost values.
    The spread sheets will be fully understandable by employees with .htaccses and they can easily implement the encloesed re-direct codes for Broken Ingoing
    Links from the specifick websites, correct Broken Outgoing Links and fully secure the HTTPS protocal.
  • Direct support is provided
    The scans are automated and scan results are mailed directly to recipients defined by the customer. SVS is ready to give free support if any questions to the report or service should occur.
  • Unique algorithms provided
    The monthly scans are provided by The people behind the service and algorithms are Mathematician, Nicolas Fredriksen and the well recognized SEO Expert, Henrik Bondtofte. SecureValueSearch is an unique scanning tool that provides detailed overview and specific codes to eliminate threats and re-establish hidden and lost values to websites.

SecureValueSearch™ is worth much more than the dime spent


SecureValueSearchTM is based on an annual subscription including 12 monthly scans. Each monthly scan comes with a detailed exucutive report and a transperant search-result including all necessary codes needed to eliminate documented threats and re-establish hidden and lost values.

12 month subscription fee for
one domain
12 month subscription feepr. additional domain